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  • Liz Johnson

Why the Workplace Still Matters After the Pandemic

If someone had told me in 2019, that soon the entirety of the world's workforce (and educational institutions) would be sent home to work for an extended period of time due to a global pandemic, I would have thought they were reading me the inciting incident for a future box office smash. But here we are - the world re-opening before us after over a year of shutdown and facing the options of returning to an office environment, sticking with remote working, or perhaps a mix of both.

While there are many possible options for the most optimal way to work and where Forbes calls out 5 reasons why the office should not just go away.

1) Humanity and Innovation

"People may have different preferences for how much they work alone or with others based on their personalities, but everyone needs some level of connection."

2) Purpose and Energy

"Being together in a place reminds us we're unified and are part of something bigger than ourselves."

3) Health and Wellbeing

Variety and physical movement can lead to better thinking processes and mental clarity. Being in the office also helps create healthy boundaries between work and home.

4) Talent and Engagement

"...the workplace is a powerful way to demonstrate culture in a more tangible way. Place is the most visible artifact of culture."

5) Empathy and Culture

"We don't trust what we don't understand. More regular interactions can help us make sense of people's responses, and more greatly appreciate their point of view. When we see each other more frequently we tend to identify with others and give them the benefit of the doubt."

The need for an environment of innovation, creativity, and consistent human interaction rank among the top reasons employees desire at least some time in the office. One thing is for sure - the workplace has changed and so have its workers.

Photo Credit: Pearl via Lightstock


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